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Friday, June 16, 2017

Quickly take your plain text spool files and transform them into modern, colored, graphic custom branded documents in user-friendly formats like PDF, or export valuable data to excel spreadsheets, automatically distributing them via email, and make them accessible to users anytime via a secure web-based portal.

There are still many organizations throughout the world where vast amounts of reports are produced, printed and manually distributed to the intended recipient. With IFD’s iPDF solution you can automatically generate reports to PDF files and distribute them electronically or publish them in the cloud.  The PDF format is far richer than the generic usage reflects, and you can do far more with a PDF than archiving it electronically or sending it in an email.

Much more than just spool file conversion. iPDF provides easy to use flexible functionality to enhance the converted output. In addition to producing forms and reports, it also enables the originator to password protect and encrypt the outputted PDF files, as well as adding restrictions to the PDF and including digital signatures to authenticate the report and show it has not been tampered with.  In addition to creating a secure and targeted PDF file from the iSeries data, iPDF allows you to make your PDF report interactive, with fully searchable pages. This ensures that the report is even more user/reader friendly and allows the recipient to quickly locate and retrieve the information which is most important to them.

inFORM Decisions  has been serving the IBM i family of computers since 1994. iPDF and our products can provide you with the versatility that never existed with computer generated paper forms. Our products provide the perfect solution to accomplish your paperless office imitative. 

Contact inFORM Decisions at (949) 709-5838 or (800) 858-5544 for a demonstration or trial software and experience the difference.


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