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Monday, February 27, 2017

Compliance  of healthcare regulations adds a new level of complexity to the already multifaceted world of healthcare administration.   Since medical offices and hospitals amass a wide range of patient information related to the most critical part of a patient’s identity and privacy, rigorous and ever-changing operating regulations are certain. Beyond a doubt, the protection of this critical data is fundamental and it follows that compulsory industry regulations are strict and flawless adherence is expected.  The chief regulatory law resonating within the healthcare community is the well known Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act or more often referred to as HIPAA.  This is regulation spells out an organization’s responsibility to ensure that all required physical, network and process security measures are in place and followed. 
iCapture has been carefully developed to meet the strict regulations imposed on the healthcare industry. At inFORM Decisions we understand that compliance is crucial for healthcare providers. HIPAA compliance is not only the law, but it's also a way for healthcare professionals to make sure their patients feel secure.
Here are some ways iCapture and data extraction tools help healthcare providers comply with HIPAA requirements:
·       iCapture integrates with ECM security, which allows users to secure their documents preventing  unauthorized viewing or editing  of content
·       iCapture makes it possible for administrators to track the document processing assuring that all information is handled in a compliant manner
·     iCapture can automatically route important patient information to the provider's information system, so there's never a concern patient information might get into the hands of unauthorized users
·       iCapture permits the standardization of file naming and metadata structure for better organization and retrieval of the documents
·       iCapture offers a seamless integration with your existing IT infrastructure to enable you to remain compliant without a lapse in security
·       This patient information can be consolidated into a single, searchable repository thereby improving access for authorized users and, for the patients, facilitating quick plus secure access to their data
If you need additional information about improving  your healthcare document management and remaining compliant, please contact  inFORM Decisions today.

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