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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

You would have to work in Human Resources to be aware of how much paperwork is actually involved in their processes.   From background checks, new hire paperwork and performance reviews, the HR staff can be seen as soldiers in an upstream battle against an endless flow of paper. That’s a battle that iCapture can help win.

Our document capture software helps you quickly and easily convert that endless flow of paperwork into well-organized, fully searchable digital documents.

Consider the following benefits from iCapture:

1. Automate workflow: 

Say goodbye to manual labor because iCapture’s Accelerated Classification Engine (ACE) enables you can easily and quickly configure a new document type with a few clicks, and from then on the system will recognize it. Simplify the onboarding process, payroll, performance reviews, and any other HR task with iCapture’s automation features.

2. Enhance security: 

iCapture’s security feature can keep your files secure and confidential by allowing you to define user roles. You can control who has access to certain document types. The administrator can view the active history of any user.  iCapture can also integrate with your ECM’s security, ensuring there is no gaps in security from the time you import to the time documents are stored in the repository.

3. Better compliance: 

iCapture helps you remain compliant with your company’s regulations. HR is normally required to keep employee records even after an employee has left the company. iCapture allows you to comply with these requirements without having to physically keep the documents in cabinets. Electronically storing these documents can lower and limit the risk of being lost or misfiled. Together with helping you store documents for the appropriate time frame defined by your retention schedule, iCapture also makes it easy to see if documents might be missing from an employee’s file. 

4. Flexible integration

Having been developed for users in both large and small companies, iCapture has become the most versatile capture software available today, making it the perfect choice for your HR department’s needs. On the front end, iCapture is able to import documents from any network scanner, multifunction printer (MFP) or fax server. On the back end, our advanced capture program has more than 60 ECM integrations. This means you do not have to change or modify your existing system, just implement iCapture and get the simplified, automated workflow you’ve dreamed of.

Are you ready to transform your HR department with current technologies? Contact us today!

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