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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Have ever you be in the situation where you know that the information you want is around here in your company’s database, but you can’t find it?

Most likely, the data exists somewhere in within the company, but where? Most data is now available in digital form, and it’s assumed to be stored somewhere in your company floating among the technological systems, or manually stuck in a file cabinet or drawer. If you can’t access it, this information is not useful. If the document was saved to someone’s desktop, or was attached to an email which was sent or received a long time ago, it’s very difficult for you or anyone else in your company to access and use the information. Because of these reasons, information governance (IG) becomes important.

In document management circles, the term ‘information governance’ is very common and well-known. According to Wikipedia, Information governance, or IG, is the set of multi-disciplinary structures, policies, procedures, processes and controls implemented to manage information at an enterprise level, supporting an organization's immediate and future regulatory, legal, risk, environmental and operational requirements. By nature, information governance is to establish an effective way to manage the information of your company so that it can be used effectively.

Making full use of a document capture program is a vital step in the process of governing information. With an advanced document capture program such as inFORM Decisions’ iCapture, your scanned or digital-formatted documents are ensured to be converted to readable and searchable digital text assuring their accessibility to everyone in the organization.

INFORM DECISIONS has a number of useful tools for facilitating organization information governance:


Classification is an importance aspect of information governance. AIIM has reported in its 2015 information governance report that  79% of surveyed companies said that they failed in automating data classification. The report also showed that among companies that are successful in utilizing automated classification, the search ability has improved 63% when compared with manual classification processes. It’s apparent that automatic classification will significantly improve information governance, but companies aren’t taking advantage of this powerful tool. iCapture's classification module divides and groups pages of a document based on its type in an intelligent way. This frees you from difficulty and boredom of processing tons of documents. As soon as the documents are classified, the process where the documents go through workflows tailored to their specific configurations of document types. iCapture's classification also facilitates  a document retention schedule of your company – a vital part of your IG initiative. When documents are accurately classified, a suitable retention policy can be deployed by your document management system, which eliminates concern about whether the documents are retained and purged in a timely manner.


 iCapture’s advanced indexing tools streamline the extraction of critical data from your documents. Data that has been indexed can be automatically directed to your company's ECM system as metadata and once they are stored in your company’s repository, you can search and find out them quickly and conveniently.


 Anyone in your company who wants to use information needs to be accountable for handling it properly. Without this aspect, IG may not work in your organization. With Workflow, administrators can track and manage the process to know all about status and changes of documents. This feature can also offer version control, which permits you to determine the specific time point when document was processed. By this way, you will have a report of the most recent versions of a document and know the exact time when it was last processed. Therefore, you are able to remove any outdated version to get rid of confusion and miscommunication.

Get started right now and maximize the value of your company information. Contact inFORM Decisions  and we will show you how our document capture software can help improve your business's information governance.

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