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Friday, February 24, 2017

The healthcare field is always overloaded with information, and there is much diversity within the industry dealing with different types of information.  There is the administration area of the organization which stores patient records, insurance information and patient satisfaction data.

In the financial areas there are medical claims, billing documents and the invoice processing. The educational areas store the paper trail following medical providers including doctors and nurses throughout their academic career. The diversity of the information within the healthcare industry makes it a prime candidate for implementing a document management solution such as iCapture, an advanced capture solution from inFORM Decisions.

Below are some ways iCapture can assist healthcare institutions simplify their processes, decrease expenses as well as improve efficiency:

Automate processing physicians’ orders.

inFORM Decisions’ document management tools permit  and healthcare facilities to streamline physicians' orders to quickly fulfill STAT orders, eliminate the problem of lost orders and reduce staff's reliance on paper processes. iCapture's ability to import documents from any scanner provides healthcare facilities with an simple way to import documents into the workflow. Orders can be scanned in from various locations using dedicated scanners, MFPs or fax servers, and quickly routed into workflow. iCapture can perform a database lookup to match the order to an existing patient, then route the order to a folder or ERP system for easy access by authorized users.

Simplify the claims process. 

With iCapture you can scan claims from any scanning device or import them from fax servers or network folders. iCapture has a powerful Classification feature, which can assign classification to the various form types, eliminating the need for manual sorting prior to scanning them. The Accelerated Classification Engine (ACE) can automate this process further by classifying never-before-seen document types, eliminating the time-consuming configuration process. Authorized users can validate indexed claim data and perform any necessary quality assurance on the documents. Captured documents can then be automatically routed to the ERP system for processing.

Efficient survey processing. 

Patient satisfaction surveys are very important to the healthcare industry. To comply with federal regulations and ensure the best healthcare is being provided, patient surveys must be processed on a timely basis. iCapture's Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) features provide for fast, efficient processing of patient surveys. Without an efficient workflow process to ensure quality of care, healthcare organizations may face delayed or reduced payment for services.

If you are in need of further information about how iCapture can be used to simplify your healthcare organization’s’ efficiency, contact inFORM Decisions today!

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