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Saturday, March 18, 2017

IBM drops their controversial, complex AFP solution…   consider migration to inFORM’s iDocs

It was recently announced that the 5770-AF1 IBM Advanced Function Printing Utilities will not be supported on IBM i V7R3 OS.  A replacement for APF to consider is the acclaimed iDocs Forms Suite from inFORM Decisions.   iDocsTM provides easy-to-use forms designer and spool file data mapper with menus to set up business rules for manual or automatic processing and intelligent distribution of merged, formatted  reports, forms and security MICR checks.  Print in color with graphics and bar codes. 

The  snap-on Laser form printing module attaches to the iDocsTM Administrator to provide menus and business rules for defining dynamic, complex document printing operations on the IBM i. This solution is usable with all iSeries, System i and Power Server accounting/ERP solutions including JD Edwards, Mapics, Lawson, HTE, SAP, ORACLE, Computer Guidance, Optimum, Metalware, Pansophic, DCMS, PRMS, Infinium …any software application that generates a spool or XML file output.

inFORM Decisions has been a Document Automation provider specializing in state of the art Document Automation solutions for the IBM i - iSeries - AS/400 arena since 1994, we believe it is clear that the IBM i systems will be relevant for a long time offering the stability and security that you’ve come to expect from IBM i.  inFORM Decisions is committed to the IBM i iSeries AS/400 platform forever!

inFORM Decisions has been an IBM i (iSeries, AS/400) native, Document Management and Workflow software development company since 1994.  Our business partners and customers are worldwide and lend testimony to the state of the art, stability of IFD solutions.

Call (800) 858-5544 / (949) 709-5838 or visit us at www.informdecisions.com for more information about our acclaimed iDocs suite of IBM i products.


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