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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Report: the digital revolution: achievement and failure

A recent study performed by MITSloan Management Review and Capgemini Consulting revealed some notable statistics concerning the transition to a digital workplace.

Below are the highlights and core findings based on intervening almost 1600 managers and executives from a wide range of industries:

·                A large consensus determined that adopting digital business process is critical to organization success.  Executives and managers are all in agreement that they must all be in sync on the digital transformation journey, and modernize process and core business functions.
·                A vast majority of employees find the transition process difficult, complex and way too slow.  Employees and management are typically frustrated with the lack of progress and a missing sense of urgency.
·                Successful companies have a comprehensive transition strategy.  Transformative leaders share a complete digital vision that provides a roadmap for success, rewarding employees and distributing authority for implementation.

The statistics from the study are provided are shown below:
·                78 percent of respondents indicate that achieving a digital transformation will become critical to their organizations within the next 2 years.
·                63 percent of respondents say the pace of technology change is too slow.
·                38 percent of respondents said that digital transformation was on their CEO’s agenda.
·                93 percent of employees believe digital transformation is the right path.
·                The most frequent cited obstacle to a digital transition is a “lack of urgency”.

So the need is there, but how do you start developing a digital strategy?   There are many paths and a plethora of solutions available.  Here are some suggestions:
·                Document Capture – provides a seamless way to digitize your incoming paper documents.  This can be accomplished with iCapture Document Capture Software.
·                Digital Process – digitizing your workflow with a business process management solution can be a key facet of any digital strategy.  See our iWorkflow software.
·                Digital Forms – digitizing any form can provide great efficiency and help automate process.  See our forms solutions: iForms and K2 Forms.
·                iSeries Automation – Automating iSeries and AS400 processes can be challenging, but can provide powerful productivity gains.  See our iSeries Forms Software and Document Management Solutions.

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