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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Automation is a common term in the world of document management, but what is real automation in the context of document capture software. The word automation as frequently used by the software vendors, doesn’t differentiate between the various forms of automation. This confuses prospective document capture software customers. Actually, there is a big difference between the level of automation a basic scanning and capture application can provide as compared to the capabilities of an advance document capture tool.

Below is a brief summary of the superior benefits that advanced document capture automation provides:

Automatic classification: A scanning application that requires sorting documents before they are scanned isn’t a truly automated advanced capture solution. Classification will allow pre-configuring different types of documents so you don’t have to sort documents before scanning them. The most advanced capture solutions will include a learning engine to automatically classify documents without pre-configuring their document types. Classification should significantly reduce the time required to scan and capture your documents, increasing the productivity while reducing the costs.

Automatic data extraction: Without data extraction documents would not be searchable.  An advanced document capture application provides the ability to automate the extraction process without the need to manually enter data. Although a lot of scanning applications claim that they provide an automated workflow, a large amount of work still must be done manually without the automatic data extraction feature. Real automation of this process will save a considerable amount of time and significantly reduce the labor costs required by data entry. 

Seamless migration to your ECM system: Many products claim to provide routing to a third party (ECM) system, but some of these systems are severely limited. For example, some provide direct routing to a single ECM system. Although they might work well in a particular integration, they aren’t versatile enough for full automation. Others claim to be compatible with several ECM systems but often require custom scripting in order to export documents to the repository. In some cases indexed data has to be reentered to the imported documents. In contrast, migration from an advanced document capture system should include the automatic exportation of documents upon completion of the capture process, as well as the seamless transfer of index metadata to the chosen ECM.  This type of application software can provide you with a seamless migration, help you to save the time of reentering data and retain the product’s usefulness even if your IT infrastructure changes.

The features that an advanced capture tool possesses separate it from the basic scanning applications due to the ability to fully automate the document capture and data extraction rather than just some parts. This is the real automation that our advanced capture provides. Contact inFORM Decisions for more information on advanced capture and our iCapture document capture product.  Competitively priced, truly scalable and uniquely versatile, iCapture is the ideal document capture solution for any organization. 

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