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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The benefits of AP automation are overwhelming, however, the transformation from manual processes presents many potential challenges that must be considered.  Fully understanding these challenges can make the difference in a successful or failed transformation:

1. Standardized AP process.

Inadequate and inconsistent processes could reduce the effectiveness of the document capture software. It’s crucial for any organization to spend time and resources to develop efficient and standardized AP processes before implementing automation.

2. Recognize current invoice processing costs.

A true understanding of the current processing costs must be established. If organizations don’t understand their true cost of processing an invoice, it’s difficult to gain the internal support and ROI justification to proceed with AP automation. You will need this benchmark to determine savings derived from the initiative.

3. Recognize the discounting opportunity.

Faster processing invoice means faster approval, which avoids late payments and creates the opportunity of new discount terms providing returns in excess of 30%.

4. Measure and manage change.

Reluctance from your staff afraid of change, they worry that AP transformation may impact their position, the type of training involved, and a common ‘if it is not broken, don’t fix it’ mentality. That’s why the culture in any organization can present an unexpected challenge when implementing a new system. An assessment of company culture and a capability to measure and manage change are imperative to a successful implementation. 

5. Carefully deciding on the best Capture Software company.

The AP automation provider is one of the determinants deciding the success or failure of your AP project. You should consider a vendor that can equip your company with all of the features your AP department needs. iCapture is a typical example that provides a layered approach to the invoice problem, helping you improve efficiency and many other benefits. Check that the software can be easily integrated with your other systems. Learn about the software’s security and compliance options.  Most importantly, insure that the solution can be tailored to your organizations size and scpe and fits your specific needs.

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